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Nooshin K. Darvish, ND

My practice has transformed since incorporating Argentyn 23 into my patients’ plans. It is a must for every successful practice. My first aid choice for cuts, skin infections, and post minor procedures is Argentyn 23 First Aid Gel. There is nothing like it.

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Robert Thompson, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Integrative Medicine and Oncology
Co-Author, “The Calcium Lie” 2008, “The Calcium Lie 2” 2013
Author, “Iodine, What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You” 2014

As an Integrative Medicine Specialist, author, and Integrative Oncologist, I have been using Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol (NOT COLLOIDAL) for nearly 5 years. I began using it after a diligent review of all known literature about silver, comparisons of silver products and colloidal silver as available in the published literature. I am not sure there is a limit to the potential goodness or use for this product…please learn about the use or Argentyn 23 Silver hydrosol.

Argentyn 23 Product Rating

Edwin Lee, MD, F.A.C.E.

Founder of the Institute for Hormonal Balance
Co-founder of Clinical Peptide Society
Best Selling Author

I have been using Argentyn 23 for approximately 10 years and have seen amazing results in my patients, my family and for myself. It is incredible! Not all silver products are the same. I strongly recommend my patients to use Argentyn 23.

Argentyn 23 Product Rating

Henry Childers, IV, MD, FAAO

I first learned about Argentyn 23 at several integrative medical conferences. My clinical observations with this line have been outstanding and despite my usually reserved nature, I studied the science, understood the oxidative potential and I trust my colleagues who have collectively witnessed similar results. Consequently, I have incorporated the entire Argentyn 23 line for almost all the issues I encounter with my patient population. My clinical observations have been outstanding and, although anecdotal in my practice, patients can unequivocally identify the benefits of employing Argentyn 23 in their daily regimens….Argentyn 23 has been the most important addition to my practice in years. Please keep up with your great work!
Argentyn 23 Product Rating